March 2019 by hand

Blend information:

100% Shiraz grapes from our vineyards.


Mediterranean climate with moderate summers and cold, rainy winters. Rainfall of approximately 600 – 800 mm annually.


Gravelly, well-drained soils, as well as Perderberg Mountain sandstone.


Grapes were harvested at an optimum ripeness of 24°B, inoculated with a pure yeast strain and fermented on the skins until dry.

Tasting notes:

Nestled on the slopes of the Paardeberg, the Shiraz block keeps watch over the farm at night. This grape pronounces a full red wine bouquet expressing ripe berries overlaid with green pepper and spicy flavours. There is excellent follow through onto the palate where the peppery flavours dominate. The well-integrated ripe tannins make for easy accessibility giving a nice balance to the wine.

Ageing potential:

Ready for immediate enjoyment but will mature well for up to three years.

Serving suggestions:

Ideal with Goulash, Kassler Rib, roast venison and meatballs.

Ideal served at 18-19 C

Producer Comments:

A truly non- South African grape, but native to Iran, this grape spices your palate from when it first starts ripening. A pleasure at sight for many farmers hanging in full, big bunches, gives you a thrill of fear when it starts drying under the summer African sun. Fighting against emotions felt by Italian producers whom are not used to this grape, ends in love when the first juice is in the tank. And you can’t live without it once you’ve eventually tasted the first wine from the properly aged bottles.