SAILOR MALAN, a South African Hero. Who lived at Slent.

Slent is a farm home to rich history and a broad spectrum of cultures, with so many stories still to be discovered and told.

Today we celebrate the memory of Sailor Adolph Malan, a little boy who lived on Slent in the early 1910’s , who later grew up to transform history by becoming a  World War 2 War Hero, and one of the very first anti-apartheid fighters of South Africa.

In remembrance of such a great man, Ayama is honouring the legacy of Sailor Malan by dedicating a wine range to him, and to tell his story of greatness and vision of this beautiful country of South Africa.

SAILOR MALAN N.19 – Chenin Blanc

SAILOR MALAN N.74 – Pinotage

From his Biography Sailor Malan by Oliver Walker, we can read beautiful memories connected to our farm.

“His family were living then on a farm in the Cape called Slent (a corruption of the Dutch word ‘sluit’). Slent was a grand place on which to run wild. Originally it had been given by Simon van der Stel, the Cape Governor in the late seventeenth century, to one of his captains. The farmstead was very old and situated magnificently on the slopes of the Paardeberg. Sixteen miles north was Wellington where Sailor was born.”

“Slent has a setting at once rugged and antique. “The Soul of South Africa lies there”, says Sailor.”

“The farm Slent which Willie Malan bought in 1915 seemed at the other end of the world to the young Malans. But for adventure it was Henty and Ballantyne and Robinson Crusoe and all the other story-books their mother read to them, rolled into one. In the higher reaches of the farm, which were too rocky and precipitous to be cultivated, there were still baboons. In ard seasons they had been known to raid the fig tree at the back of the house. The boys’ dogs chased the baboons, the baboons chased the dogs, and all chased each other down towards the irrigated orchards of apricot, peach, and plum from which, with vines, Willie thought to make his fortune.  Where there are baboons there are leopards. But they kept hidden in the kloofs and the boys were never chased by them.”

Looking forward to reading his new biography, just finished and on its way to be published, ‘SAILOR’ MALAN – Freedom Fighter – Dilip Sarkar MBE, Foreword by Dr. Yvonne Malan.