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Ayama MNANDI is OUT!!

Winter just landed in the Western Cape and we are dressing our bottles with a cozy coat: an exclusive buff for you! An unusual Hanepoot, Moscato D’Asti style, 2021 vintage.

Make Mom’s Day special

Let her know what she means to you. Buy an Ayama present for your mom, aunty, big sister, granny, gogo, or other matriarchs in your life and let her know how loved

Ayama Experiences are back!

WE ARE BACK, motivated, and so enthusiastic to be giving you a glimpse into our exhilarating 2021 events calendar! This year, we are looking forward to bringing you a series

2021 Ayama Harvest, Join us!

Would you like to experience harvest by Ayama? Harvest is the most exciting time of the year for any grower, viticulturist, and winemaker. It is the time when all worries