LEOPARD SPOT WHITE 2019 Grenache Blanc


Voor Paardeberg


March 2019 by hand.

Blend information:

Grenache Blanc 100%


October 2019


Mediterranean climate with moderate summers and cold, rainy winters. Rainfall of approximately 600 – 800 mm annually.


             Perdeberg Mountain sandstone, granite.


After the grapes were crushed, the must was fermented with selected yeast at 13 °C. Once fermentation was complete, the wine was racked, and aged IN steel Tanks for long time on its yeasts. In October 2019 the wine was fined, filtered and bottled.

Serving suggestions:

High on the intensity spectrum, it will pair with a wide variety of foods from fish dishes to rich meats like lamb. The secret to pairing with Grenache Blanc is to consider its spiced flavors of cumin and tropical “greeness” in your tool kit when pairing with food. This makes Grenache Blanc particularly well suited with richly spiced dishes, whether they be of Moroccan, Spanish, Indian or Asian origin. Just remember not to go too spicy with heat because alcohol makes capsicum burn!

Tasting notes:

Straw-colored and full bodied, with crisp acids. The nose has bright green apple and mandarin orange aromas, with clean flavors of more apple, mineral and a touch of peach. It typically has a lingering finish with a hint of licorice.

Ageing potential:

Drinking exceptionally well now and will gain in intricacy over the next five years.

Producer’s Comments:

Grenache Blanc originated in Spain, and from there it jumped to France where it became a staple as part of the world-renowned Rhône blends and Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines. Because of its robust nature and brightness, it’s still primarily used in blends today — but we were amazed by how straight-up baller a single-varietal Grenache Blanc wine can be: It’s a triple threat — great texture, full body, and lovely aromatics — and its rich, nutty, nutmeg-and-cinnamon spice notes also make it the ideal white wine for both spring and fall