South Africa’s past has left a history of a community of disadvantaged people in the rural area.  As neighbours and employers, we are determined to improve the livelihoods of our employees and their children. By setting the way forward, we have enlarged and upgraded our staff housing, and continuously encourage all the kids on the farm to invest in their own future.

Thanks to De Waal Family (SCALI) and Dalpiaz family (AYAMA),The  Perdjie School  has become the first crèche/afterschool for disadvantaged kids project in the area. Since January 2015, the little school has been open to accepting kids aged two, until they reach Pre-Primary School. Perdjie also accepts children needing after-school care.

We try to take care of their physical health needs, starting with nutrition which is one of the most important factors. Every day lunch is cooked and freshly delivered to the school. Tania and Michela take weekly turns to ensure that the kids are well fed and receive nutritious meals to allow them to function at their best.

We are working with to ensure the best training for our teachers as well as providing support to our kids from a very well established entity working successfully on these projects since many years here in South Africa.

What is our dream?

Our dream is to be able to offer “The Perdjie School” service to many more kids in the area. They are, our children, and our future.

How can we do this?

SCALI has a bigger building which can be used to accommodate more kids. In order for us to expand, we need more people to believe in us and the project.

Funding is always welcome. Become involved and change the life of one child by sponsoring one farm kid, or by donations, or helping with transport, food, or just simply volunteering on special days..